Shoes, unlike your other pieces of fashion accessories, get the harshest beatings. In protecting your feet, they’re worn to the rugged, hard, and coarse surfaces. And during inclement weather conditions are matched through wet, muddy, and snow-covered grounds – yet not a whimper.

You see, your shoes, just like you need to be taken care of – I guess you know that already, right?

But, aside from the routine usual cleaning, dusting, polishing, and sunning they can use a bit of regular waterproofing.

Here’s the thing; often, though, might be unintentional you may find yourself trying to keeping dry or having to wade through swats of pools due to a flash storm.

We’ve all been caught unaware in a rainstorm that drenched us to the bones – so, I know you can relate.

Remember how worried you were about ruining your clothes and or perhaps your shoes?

Well, the truth is, you needn’t have had any cause to worry if you have done this one thing – ensured your clothes and shoes were waterproofed.

Now, I can imagine you thinking – how do I waterproof my clothes and shoes?

First, you can just as easily shop for weatherproof apparel online. The second is using waterproofing sprays to waterproof your gear.

Be well dressed, behave like a gentleman, and keep your shoes shined.

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My focus with this article is to share with you a series of advantages of water sealing sprays, how to use one, and also to review some of the best waterproofing sprays on the market to help you extend the life of your shoes and clothes, while also keeping them looking out-of-the-box new.


Best Waterproofing Sprays – IN A NUTSHELL

Advantages of Waterproofing Sprays

Dry Feet

That’s obviously the number one reason people want waterproof shoes. No one I believe wants to walk into a meeting with wet squeaky shoes.

man wearing waterproof jacket and boots

And it is, not everyone can walk around in their office with just socks. So, why let something you can control ruin your day? Also, for the outdoorsy type – dry, warm feet can make all the difference when hiking or even during those early morning jogs.

Eliminates the odds of getting frostbite – imagine wearing wet water soaked shoes in sub-zero weather with the snow several inches deep. It’s unbearable and often a recipe for frostbites.

Waterproofing sprays help keep out the moisture while keeping your feet dry and warm.

The thing is the water does not just get the feet wet, but it makes them cold too. And this could be quite uncomfortable when the temperature drops.

If you, however, do nothing while exposing the feet to the wet condition for an extended time, it can lead to the onset of frostbite.


Stay blister free

Do you know wet feet increases the chances of developing blisters? The thing is, when your feet are wet, the skin is softer and tends to rub more often against the shoes as you walk or run.


Extend the life of your gear

Water repellant sprays help extend the life of your shoes, prevents stains and keeps them looking spanking new.

Finally, you can now run all you want without the excuse of bad weather knowing that your feet will be dry and comfortable as you slog through muddy or slushy conditions.


How do you use a waterproofing spray?

That’s the question on your mind now, I guess. You’ve read through the reasons to use such a gizmo and wondering, “How do I use this without ruining my shoes?”

That’s what we’ll be covering in this section.

Waterproofing sprays are generally safe to use on shoes regardless of the material – this is so since you can easily pick a spray that’s suitable for your shoe material. Here’s a step by step guide on how to apply a waterproofing spray.

  • Step 1: clean the pair of shoes you want to waterproof. Use a clean cloth to the wipe the shoe. Remove the shoelaces if any, scrub the scruffs clean. For really dirty shoes, you may want to lather soap and water and wash the shoe. Then allow to dry out. Remember, washing the shoe depends on the material used. Some shoe materials don’t take well when washed – so in such cases, you may want to restrict yourself to either using a damp cloth to wipe clean.
  • Step 2: Once the shoe is dried, select the most suitable waterproofing spray for that particular footwear material and gently apply the spray.
  • Step 3: position the shoe in such a way you can spray the whole surface where water might enter without spraying it on your hands. Be sure not to overspray the waterproofing solution. Lookout to just glisten the shoes until it has a consistent coating across the surface. For a thorough job, make sure the spray covers every inch of the shoe including the seams that join the sole with the upper surface.
  • Step 4: wipe off spills, over-spray with hand towel – often you would notice the waterproofing spray getting into areas you don’t want it to like the sole, rubber detailing, zippers, and even in eyelets. Gently dab the towel a few times. Don’t apply too much pressure as this might soak up the spray.
  • Step 5: allow the shoe to dry – usually for most waterproofing spray 20 – 30 minutes is enough to dry. However, to be sure that the spray has settled in firmly on the fabrics it is best to allow to sit for between 24 – 48 hours. A word of caution: make sure the space you’re using is well ventilated and away from kids and pets.

As you well know, there are a lot of waterproofing sprays on the market. And it’s quite a task to go through all the products to decide which one is best for your priced kicks.

So, to help you make the decision, I’ve scoured the market, read through several reviews and drawn out a list of what I believe are the best waterproofing sprays for your shoes and clothes.


The Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water Repellant has so many things going for it on several fronts. With a recognizable brand, a solid reputation for getting the work done, and thousands of raving loyal customers you sure cannot go wrong using this.

The Kiwi heavy duty waterproofing spray is explicitly made for the outdoors. So, whether you are out to protect your heavy duty boots or waterproof your backpack, jackets or trousers the Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy-duty, Water Repellant works well on every breathable material.

For the best results, use on absorbent surfaces like canvas, leather, tents, boat covers, patio furniture, boots, tarps, and hunting apparel.

Specially formulated from a silicone base solution that ensures water keeps rolling off your boots and protects you from the elements during inclement weather conditions. And the best part is, it is odorless – so you can wear your treated clothes without worrying about a clinging chemical smell.


You don’t have to be told; your soft velvety suede kicks need special treatment. Since it’s like a sponge that picks up anything thrown at it – it makes sense then to use a material-specific waterproofing spray like the Gear Aid Revivex Suede Protector.

The Gear Aid Revivex suede protector is made 100% of nylon which means moisture bounces off the surface of your fabrics without penetrating it. It’s also suitable for GORE-TEX footwear, canvas, leather, and nubuck material.

And it sure extends the life of your footwear, prevents your favorite waders from getting dirty and stained while also improving the breathability of your shoes thereby keeping your feet dry, warm, and comfortable.


If you ever want a 3-in-1 solution that not just waterproofs your gear but also aids breathability, and best of all cleans your gear then look no further than Nikwax TX.

I know this might sound a bit hyped, but the thing is I’m blown away after using this product.

I was a bit skeptical when I read the reviews on this product but since I was on a mission to test out as much waterproofing sprays as I can, I had to give it a go.

So, what did I discover?

Well, for one it sure works but applying the spray was quite a challenge. It seems, no matter what I did, I couldn’t get a consistent coverage over my jacket the first time. It took me a couple of additional spraying to get it right.

If you don’t mind the mild vinegar-like smell (for lack of how to describe the smell) that dissipates when it dries, then the Nikwax TX. Direct Waterproofing Spray is what you need.


Wondering how to restore the water repellent ability of your clothing? Perhaps, you’re on the market for a product to waterproof your high-tech equipment?

The Grangers Performance Repel is a high-quality, one of the best top-performing waterproofing sprays that come recommended by the world’s top outerwear manufacturers.

Works well with every material including those you’re told not to spray waterproof fabrics like fleece, softshell, and Tex.

Grangers Performance Repel does not add any carry-on scent, doesn’t distort color and is an excellent add-on protection for your gadgets.

As a water-based spray, you’ll have to wet the fabrics first, apply the spray, and then heat dry to activate the repellant.


TriNova Fabric Protector Spray is specially formulated to provide strong armor-clad protection against water for shoes, backpacks, hats, sofa, couch, furniture and more.

It’s designed to protect those sneakerheads, provide an invisible layer of coating that beads and repels water thereby safeguarding fabrics from damage, color fading, and keeping them looking spanking new.

The TriNova Fabric Protector makes your shoes easy care for, as it forms a protective repellant layer that prevents stains and dirt from getting stuck on your kicks. You don’t have to wait for several hours after treatment as the spray is quick to dry.

Now, the best part is, it has a long lasting repel ability for over 12 months after a one-time application – so you don’t have to worry whether your fabric is losing its repel-ability.


With this water repellant spray, you are sure to wear your favorite kicks regardless of the weather condition.

And if you are perhaps worried the spray will change the color of your prized suede, don’t sweat one bit as this repel spray is designed to seal off rain, snow, and sleek.

You’d be amazed at how dry, warm and comfortable this waterproofing spray is going to keep your feet even while slogging through the slush of water.

Also, you can eliminate staining and dirt thereby keeping your prized possession looking brand new.

Keep in mind, however, that while applying it, you may notice that the color of your shoes might slightly change. There’s nothing to worry about – give it a little bit of time to dry out, and you’d see the original color restored.


What do you look out for when purchasing a water repellent spray? Are you looking for an eco-friendly non-aerosol? Or perhaps silicone-free that doesn’t impact or alter the feel or color of your fabrics? Or you just want an airtighting spray that does what it promises to do?

Well, no matter what it is that’s important to you, Solemate Guard premium waterproofing spray has got it and more.

The Solemate Guard is a premium stain and water repellant that’s ideally suited for every material whether it’s your favorite pairs of Suede shoes, your cool sneakers, your chic leather bags or the nylon, polyester, or even Nubuck fabrics – you can use the Solemate Guard and rest easy.

Face with confidence the harsh weather conditions without concerns about getting wet.


In conclusion

Though most fabrics come labeled as water repellant, using a waterproofing spray ensures you’re doubly sure of what you are getting and you can confidently step into inclement weather conditions without any care.

Now, you can also extend the use-life of your shoes by water sealing them without having to replace them any time they get soggy.

Finally, this list offers you the best waterproofing sprays on the market – go through them and make your choice depending on the type of shoe you intend waterproofing.

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